Every topic and presentation was interesting and informative. - Housing Maintenance Coordinator
Cree Nation of Mistissini
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Indigenous Housing Solutions

The most up-to-date solutions for finance options, construction, infrastructure and asset management for Indigenous communities

March 24 - 25, 2020  ·  Vancouver, British Columbia
Featuring These Industry Experts

Cliff Grant, Indigenous Strategic Initiatives, Aboriginal Housing Management Association

Cliff Grant is responsible for Indigenous Strategic Relations at the Aboriginal Housing Management Association (AHMA). In this role Cliff works with 42 Indigenous housing providers province wide to ensure quality and successful management of these housing initiatives. AHMA is the first Indigenous Housing Authority in Canada and was created for the Indigenous community by the Indigenous community. AHMA works In direct partnership with the Province of BC and is the leading voice advocating for the needs of Indigenous Housing Providers and the Indigenous communities they serve. AHMA will manage the operating contracts for the new projects developed under the Indigenous Housing Fund. Cliff holds an EMBA Candidate in Aboriginal Business and Leadership from Simon Fraser University. Throughout his career Cliff has worked at various levels of government, including Provincial and Federal in the areas of policy analysis, capacity development and Indigenous relations. Cliff has been working in housing related roles for over 16 years and is passionate about developing best practice for Non-profit Organizations and Indigenous housing providers. Cliff Is originally from Kitimat. BC and is a proud member of the Haisla nation, he currently resides in Vancouver, BC.

Ian Cullis, Director, Asset Management, BC Non-Profit Housing Association

Ian Cullis is Director of Asset Management for BC Non-Profit Housing Association. His role allows him to develop funding solutions, incentive programs, and curriculum to support building renewal while coaching non-profit housing providers through retrofit projects. He is driven by a passion for affordable housing, the desire to help others, and a sense of accomplishment when people have access to safer, healthier housing. Outside of work, Ian has a family of five, whom he enjoys taking outdoors mountain biking, skiing, and hiking.

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Land use planning decisions have a long lasting impact on your community. Determining the most appropriate use of land and water in your region while being mindful of promoting sound infrastructure planning, environmental protections, economic development and community safety requires a proactive approach. You must stay abreast of the latest best practices, identify the required skills to nurture at your organization, and understand how to plan according to the best interests of your community.

INFONEX's Indigenous Community Land Use and Environment Planning will provide you with indigenous-led expertise, story sharing, and practical guidance to developing your land use plan, considerations for legal and regulatory oversight, and tool-kits for balancing demands between economic development and conservation. Included will be other land use concerns such as cultural management, contamination research sampling, water issues, and models for working with developers that protect your interests.

Learn from Chiefs and Indigenous Land Use Practitioners first hand as they incorporate the wisdom of the Elders in their land use plans, develop their natural resource laws inspired by traditional knowledge, protect the resources in their territories, build in-house capacity for environmental science, indigenous environmental law and economic development knowledge. Also, hear from land use consultants and lawyers as they address the challenges and opportunities they are seeing from their clients’ experiences.

As land use and natural resources practitioners, you are on the front line of shaping the future of your community. Embrace this opportunity for sharing and hearing stories from across the region, all unique and reflecting of the local needs. Register today!

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