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Internal Controls
Writing a Great MD&A

November 26 - 27, 2019  ·  Vancouver, British Columbia

Internal Controls
Vancouver, British Columbia - November 26, 2019

Get Insight on Emerging Trends and Best Practices
  • Learn how to assess the effectiveness of your internal controls
  • Improve risk management by aligning your risk and control frameworks: leverage your controls to achieve strategic business objectives
  • Explore control considerations to mitigate cyber risk and best practices for mounting your cyber defence
  • Learn how to align people, process, policies and technology
  • Analyze the growing role of artificial intelligence, robotics process automation, machine learning, and how emerging technologies are transforming internal contorls processes
  • Get strategies that you can use to develop a process for the safe disclosure and reporting of fraud, theft, misappropriation of funds, or other wrongdoing
Featuring These Industry Experts:
Bloom Vogel Dunn
Internal Controls 2019 Download Internal Controls Agenda as PDF File

Writing a Great MD&A
Vancouver, British Columbia - November 27, 2019

Insight for Improving Your MD&A Disclosures
  • Identify key disclosures that satisfy the principal objectives of MD&A
  • Comprehensive overview of the requirements and rules for key sections of MD&A – results of operations, liquidity and capital resources
  • Learn to enhance the content of MD&A (materiality, analysis, key performance measures and known material trends and uncertainties)
  • Improve the effectiveness of regulator and client comments on MD&A
  • Get tools and techniques to improve the discussion of operating segments
  • Learn to provide the underlying reasons for significant variances strategically
  • Enhance your understand of supplementary financial measures reporting: non-IFRS measures and additional GAAP measures
  • Ensure your MD&A meets the five key elements of the disclosure framework
  • Understand the criteria for determining suitability of forward-looking information
Featuring These Industry Experts:
Baldwin Bloom Robbins Lung
Writing a Great MD&A Download MD&A Agenda as PDF File
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