Expanded my knowledge of duty to accommodate, and identified the significant factors at play in each instance.  
- HR Advisor
Canada Revenue Agency
15th Annual Event!

Managing Your Duty to Accommodate

Mitigating the Increasing Expense to Organizations for Failing to Accommodate Employees

August 20 - 21, 2019  ·  Calgary, Alberta
Confirmed Speakers Include:

Tyson Joyce, Director, Disability Management, Wellness and Mental Health, Workforce Safety and Employee Health Employee Services, City of Edmonton

Tyson Joyce currently works with the City of Edmonton as the Director of Disability Management, Wellness, and Mental health. He has over 17 years experience in the disability management and employee health industry, with over 10 years as a leader in supporting many multi-union private and public sector organizations with managing Duty To Accommodate legislation, mental health disability claims, and creating and integrating comprehensive mental health and health promotion strategies organization wide. He is a 2018 winner of an Innovators in Mental Health and Safety Award.

Lesley MacKinnon, Manager, Safety & Disability, Bethany Care Society

Lesley MacKinnon currently works as Manager – Safety & Disability for Bethany Care Society. She brings over 20 years of health and safety experience to Bethany. She has worked in healthcare, construction, municipal government, and the oil and gas sectors over those 20 years. Lesley believes success comes from inspiring organizations and its leaders to choose a path forward that is courageous verses comfortable. She is a strong advocate for psychological health and safety in the workplace; and brings her passion for health and safety to this very important conversation so that we may be inspired to become more courageous.

David Rost, Manager, Employee Health Resource Centre, Calgary Board of Education

David Rost practices in the area of Human Resources and Occupational Health and Safety with a specialization in Disability Management. He has a Bachelor of Physical Education degree and has been in the industry for 20 years. He is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources as well as Canadian Registered Safety Professional. He currently works for the Calgary Board of Education and is accountable for the area of Employee Health. He also works closely with WCB leaders, large Alberta school boards, other large public employers, volunteers with CPHR Alberta and has been a panel speaker for the Faculty of Continuing Education at the University of Calgary. His current position also includes other responsibilities such as labour relations, an employee and family assistance program, attendance management, wellness program, employee engagement and large benefit plans.

Chinekwu Lbeabuchi, Ability Advisor, HR Business Partnerships, Alberta Health Services

Chinekwu Lbeabuchi has had his career path spanning banking, disability insurance as a long term/short term blended disability case manager and return to work coordinator. He also has hands on practice supporting individuals living with developmental disabilities, mental health and addictions within the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) Alberta Ministry of Community and Social Services. He currently provides training for staff of organizations in this ministry in areas of Positive Behaviour Supports (PBS) and Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI). He comes with a strong case management background in workplace absences due to illness and disabilities, special interest in complex claims with mental health component. He works with Alberta Health Services as an Ability Advisor.


Simon Gillingham, Senior Labour Relations Officer, Corporate Services Labour Relations & Total Compensation, City of Winnipeg

Simon has a wealth of experience on Human Rights, Respectful Workplace and Labour Relations. While Simon manages a Labour portfolio , his main function is Investigating all “Respectful Workplace Complaints, Human Rights Complaints and delivering the 3.5 day Labour Relations training to departmental Supervisors and Managers on-site.


Joseph Oppenheim, Partner, Carbert Waite LLP

Joseph is a partner with Carbert Waite LLP. He has been practicing law since 2003. Joseph represents employees and employers in all aspects of the employment relationship, including drafting employment agreements and workplace policies, advising on compliance with employment laws, conducting workplace investigations, representing clients in disability claims and human rights complaints, advising on termination of employment and negotiating settlements and litigating wrongful and constructive dismissal claims.




Recent legal decisions have expanded the scope of what you're required to accommodate in the workplace. Claims for issues like family status and stress have become more frequent and understanding when you're required to make an accommodation has become much more challenging. The increased variety of accommodation issues has made keeping up with case law developments and understanding your accommodation obligations more difficult and more time-consuming.

INFONEX's 14th annual Managing Your Duty to Accommodate has been designed to update you on all of the recent case law that impacts your organization and give you the skills and strategies you need to make these accommodations effectively. Our faculty of leading experts will ensure that you walk away from the course with a clear understanding of what you're required to accommodate, and what you're not required to accommodate.

Review the latest case law for issues like family status, mental health, stress, and aging. Get practical advice on how to spot mental health and stress issues in your staff and how to make effective accommodations. Hear active case management strategies that will help you make accommodations efficiently and get employees back to work quickly. Get strategies for facilitating productive communication with your employees' doctors. Improve your skills for having difficult conversations with your employees. Learn strategies for how to explain accommodation requirements to managers.

It has become increasingly difficult to understand when you need to make accommodations and how to manage them. Join us in Calgary to get caught up on case law developments and learn skills and strategies for accommodating your employees effectively. Register today!

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