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Unlock the Value in Your Data to Enhance Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Your Organization!

Big Data & Analytics for the Public Sector

Advance your knowledge in government-utilized predictive analytics, data visualization and artificial intelligence

October 1-2, 2019 · Ottawa, Ontario
Day One - Tuesday, October 1, 2019
8:00 - 9:00        Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00 - 9:10
Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair
Martin McGarry, Partner and Chief Data Scientist, Bronson Analytics
9:10 - 10:10
OPENING KEYNOTE: Big Data, Big Opportunities, Big Responsibilities
Anil Arora, Chief Statistician of Canada, Statistics Canada
  • Power of Big Data
  • Modernization at Statistics Canada
  • Governance: managing data strategically
  • Developing an Innovation Ecosystem
  • Data on an international scale: The UN Global Working Group on Big Data
10:10 - 10:30        Networking and Refreshment Break
10:30 - 11:30
Standards Development in the Big Data and Analytics Space
Marta Janczarski, Sector Specialist for Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Health/Biosciences, The Standards Council of Canada
  • An overview of the Standard Council of Canada initiatives
  • Standards Landscape for Big Data and AI
  • How to Participate in Standards Development
  • How Canadian Innovation in the space is being reflected in Standards
  • The Canadian Data Governance Standardization Collaborative
11:30 - 12:30
Creative IT Auditing in the Age of Uncertainty
Ken Holmes, CPA & Doctoral Student, American Military University
  • Unprecedented 21st Century security threats confront IT systems and users
  • New and devastating cyber techniques threaten national stability
  • The need for assurance on systems and data greater than ever
  • The cyber world is too complex for the “us versus them” audit approach
  • No one group is the “fountain of IT knowledge.” Audit and IT must work together
12:30 - 1:30        Luncheon Break
1:30 - 2:30
How to Discover Your DataOps Advantage
Paul Lewis, Global Vice President and CTO, Hitachi Vantara

In this session you will see how you can securely manage, govern, mobilize, analyze, and ultimately unlock your data’s value and turn it into insights for public servants and citizens alike. We will discuss:

  • How data is the foundation of digital transformation and how modern IT lets you make your data a key enabler for your successful digital transformation
  • The current state of most organizations – multiple data silos that prevents the strategic use of their data
  • The strategic approach required to properly use your organization’s data by bringing those disparate data sets – whether structured, unstructured or machine-generated – into a single data strategy
2:30 - 3:30
Data Technologies: Flop or Functional
Geoff Marsh, Vice President, Digital Insights, Hitachi Vantara

So we know data is important to make those intelligent decisions but what are the trends and topics that really matter? What is just hype and what is truly going to make a difference in your organization. As some of my colleagues and peers have stated you need to be strategic with where you hedge your bets.

  • With the multitude of vendors out their pushing your products how do you ensure that what you are going to spend your valuable time and shrinking budgets on what is truly going to really benefit your group?
  • Now that some of the newer technologies have matured have they really brought the business value that they promised and why or why not?
  • Where should you spend time and money investing in training and technologies, what will be a big deal both directly in the public sector or in the private that could impact the public
3:30 - 3:45        Networking and Refreshment Break
3:45 - 4:45
Case Studies in Lifestyle Analytics as the Key Differentiator in B2B Marketing
Nader Shureih, Director, Business Development - Public Sector & Education, Environics Analytics
  • Lifestyle data offers a goldmine of insights that is under-utilized in B2B marketing. This session will showcase two unique and effective applications of lifestyle data.
  • Case Study 1: Viewing the B2B market through a B2C lens
  • The Innovation Canada platform drove new and valuable insights through the integration of privacy-friendly Environics Analytics and Statistics Canada data into their CRM and sales funnel
  • Case Study 2: Canada Day on Parliament Hill: Understanding who attended your open event is difficult
  • Integrating privacy-friendly mobile location data into your analysis can add multiple dimensions of understanding about who attends your events. We will show you how to use these insights to power and improve your business cases to vendors, partners and sponsors
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The amount of data that's available for public use is exploding, and as such, implementing big data projects is becoming a major priority across the public sector. Big data, analytics, and business intelligence provide limitless opportunities for improving service delivery, informing policy decision-making, and boosting organizational performance. The public sector is under increasing pressure to ensure ease of use, reliability, speed, and access to their services, for all citizens.

However, there are still numerous hurdles to overcome before you can take advantage of big data's opportunities. These challenges include securing organizational buy-in, complying with privacy and legal regulations, and breaking down silos to effectively collaborate with different departments.

INFONEX's two-day Big Data & Analytics for the Public Sector will help you understand the benefits and pitfalls of big data and how it can be used to improve business functions and secure competitive advantage. Our faculty of leading experts will provide you with strategies for overcoming hurdles, securing buy-in, gathering and integrating your data, and leveraging your data to improve services and policy decisions.

Learn how to extract relevant information from data that can be used to make better organizational decisions. Get tips for overcoming challenges of implementing and maintaining a data governance program. Uncover ways to mitigate performance risks with business intelligence. Examine proven techniques for measuring the performance of your analytics and manage legal and privacy issues surrounding business intelligence.

Join us in Ottawa to learn the best practices for collecting and leveraging big data and analytics. Register today!

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