Many good ideas were presented and could be discussed in my organization.  
- Senior Business Intelligence Specialist
Transport Canada
Learn How to Take Advantage of Your Data to Improve HR Decision Making!

HR Analytics for the Public Sector

From Solid Foundations to Powerful Prediction

September 24 - 25, 2019 · Ottawa, Ontario
Featuring These Industry Experts

Jennifer Lahey, Talent Optimization Specialist, Predictive Success Corporation

Jennifer is an influencer, inspirer, connector and leader in Toronto’s business and startup community. Jennifer is a Queen’s University Honours graduate with a Master’s of Science degree. She has a broad wealth of experience in business development, sales and marketing across the financial institutions, insurance providers, telecommunication, healthcare, manufacturing, education and technology industries.

Marc Delisle, Senior Policy Analyst, Employment and Social Development Canada

Marc Delisle is a Senior Analyst at Employment and Development Social Canada. Marc is drawn to roles initiatives/projects that impact whole organizations, especially if success is dependent on absorbing and understanding large quantities of complex information. He is especially interested in how organizations can prepare for the future of work. More specifically, he is studying the impact of automation on workers and evolving skills demand. Marc recently delved into Industrial-Organizational Psychology to complete a study examining automation-resistant skills of the future.bHe recognizes that this discussion about the future of work is only useful until Artificial General Intelligence takes over, at which point humans will all be vacationing for the rest of their lives. Marc Delisle has completed an evidence-based research to find out which skills and abilities will allow knowledge workers to thrive in the age of automation—with some surprising results.

Dr. David Weiss, President & CEO, Weiss International Ltd.

Dr. David S. Weiss, FCTDP, ICD.D is President and CEO of Weiss International Ltd., a firm specializing in innovation, leadership, and HR consulting for many Fortune 500 companies and public-sector organizations. David has delivered over 200 conference presentations and he has written over 50 journal and trade articles. He is the author or co-author of six business books including Leadership Driven HR (Jossey-Bass, 2013) was listed by the Globe & Mail Report on Business as the #1 business book seller on April 9, 2013, and Innovative Intelligence (Wiley, 2011, also available in Chinese and Farsi) which was a “top 5 business book for 2011” reported by CBC News. David has conducted executive sessions in Canada, USA, China, Russia, Israel, Uganda, South Africa, Malaysia, Chile, Hungary, Paris and England. Previously, Affiliate Professor of Rotman School of Management, Senior Research Fellow at Queen’s University, and Chief Innovation Officer in a multinational consulting firm, David currently teaches at four university executive development programs, including Rotman, Schulich, DeGroote and St, Mary’s University. David’s doctorate is from the University of Toronto and he has three Masters degrees. He has been honoured by many organizations globally including by the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario with the “Distinguished Lecturer” certificate, by the Asia-Pacific HR Congress with the “HR Leadership Award,” by the Institute for Performance and Learning as the first lifetime “Fellow” in Canada, and by HRPA with the lifetime designation of “Fellow CHRE.”





Organizations investing in HR analytics to drive decision-making are investing in their most important asset, people. They are maximizing HR's contribution to the organization's bottom line and gaining a competitive advantage over those who do not take the plunge. But they are the select few. Other organizations would like to derive the benefits of HR analytics but don't know where to start or continue their efforts.

INFONEX's Predictive HR Analytics will provide delegates with all the information they need to understand why the investment of time and money is worthwhile, what's involved in set up and implementation and take initial steps to implement or progress to the next level.

You will learn what is driving HR analytics today, how to get the most from the data you already have, how to build an effective HR Analytics team and the importance of your team to be able to visually communicate important insights. Case studies will demonstrate the role HR analytics can play in hiring, employee engagement, retention and succession planning.

Join us in Ottawa to get caught up on the latest developments in analytics and learn skills and strategies for improving your workforce and realizing its full potential. Register today !

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