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Strategic Policy Development for the Public Sector

Develop policies that will spark interest and make change

May 22 - 23, 2019 · Ottawa, Ontario
Featuring These Industry Experts

John Burrett, President, Haiku Analytics Inc.

John Burrett helps organizations use and make sense of their data and their complex world. He focuses on developing effective tools: visual analytics, social/dynamic network analysis and effective presentation; and on building capacity to use data effectively for evaluation, research and performance measurement in government, public good and business organizations. A Canadian Evaluation Society Certified Evaluator, his career has included program evaluation, and strategic planning and policy research and development work with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and as a consultant with many government and public service oriented clients.

Kelly Cooper, President, Centre for Social Intelligence

Kelly Cooper is the Founder and President of the Centre for Social Intelligence (CSI). Ms. Cooper helps leaders create a gender transformation within their organizations by conducting gender gap audit assessments, gender strategies and national sector gender action plans.

Ms. Cooper has been a guest speaker at various international conferences aimed at increasing women in senior executive roles and in technical positions in the natural resource sectors. Over her 25-year career, Ms. Cooper has worked in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe on various sustainable development projects. She holds an M.A. in International Environment, Development and Policy from the University of Sussex, UK, and an Honours BSc. from the University of Toronto, and holds certifications in GBA+, EQ-i 2.0 and ProSci change management (ADKAR model).

Nadia Diakun-Thibault, Senior Aviation Security Policy Advisor, Transport Canada

Since July 2018, Nadia Diakun-Thibault is Senior Aviation Security Policy Advisor (Blockchain and Identity) at Transport Canada. From 2001 to 2018, she was with the Communications Security Establishment in Canada, with a secondment to Innovation, Science and Economic Development in 2016-2017. She holds a Master's degree in Public Administration from Queen's University in Kingston, Canada, and an ABD (PhD) degree in Slavic Languages and Literatures from the University of Toronto, Canada. She is a Fellow of the Digital Academy, Canada School of Public Service.

Lewis S Eisen, B.A., J.D., C.I.P. Speaker, Consultant, Author, Perfect Policies

Lewis S Eisen, B.A., J.D., C.I.P., combines several years practising law with 15 years of business consulting and 16 years experience in Information Management in the Government of Canada. He speaks at venues across the United States and Canada, and is the author of the book How to Write Rules that People Want to Follow: A Guide to Respectful Policies and Directives.

Pascale Elvas, Senior Director, Priorities and Planning, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Pascale Elvas was a founder and Senior Director at the Canadian Digital Service. She is currently serving as Senior Director, Priorities and Planning, at the Treasury Board Secretariat, bringing agile approaches to policy implementation. In 2017, she served as National Co-Chair of the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign. Prior to that, Pascale was the Director of the Blueprint 2020 National Secretariat at the Privy Council Office, and Director of Identity Policy and Partnerships at Service Canada. Pascale also worked for three years in the Office of the President of Shared Service Canada, having joined the department at the time of its creation. She received a Public Service Award of Excellence in 2014 and a leadership award from the Secretary of the Treasury Board of Canada in 2018.

Deepika Grover, Free Agent, on assignment as a Senior Policy Advisor at Privy Council Office

Deepika creates the safety nets folks need to question core assumptions, slog through complex policy positions, and pivot towards relevant, testable breakthroughs. Deepika has graduate degrees in International Relations and Applied Creativity, the sub-discipline of psychology that explores group dynamics and preferences in problem-solving. She has worked in public health both internationally, nationally and at the municipal level in Toronto. During her decade with the federal government, she has focused on social determinants of health, food policy, copyright, the design of user services and public engagement. She is drawn to and initiates innovative endeavours and has won two Deputy Ministers Awards for Creativity and Innovation. As one of Canada's Free Agents, she benefits from mobility and autonomy as a public servant and finds ways to leverage this to benefit Canadians. Her current Free Agent assignment is with the Privy Council Office, where she designs and tests learning micro-interventions around the mindsets and behaviours employees require for 21st century leadership and complex decision-making.

Sasha Hanson Pastran, Researcher, Carleton University Global Governance of Natural Resources Project

Sasha is a community builder, scholar and policy professional, driven by the many creative ways that people come together to build a better world. She has worked at local, national and international levels on diverse issues including community and economic development, gender equality, human rights, environmental protection, international mediation and conflict management, and democratic reform. She currently works as policy analyst in the federal government’s Advanced Policy Analyst Program, and as a natural resource governance researcher with Carleton University. She spends her free time with Happy Goat Coffee Co. working on a women’s coffee social entrepreneur project in Central America, in a quest to connect to her Nicaraguan campesina roots.

Julia Smith, Gender and Diversity Policy Expert, Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre

Julia Smith spent over 15 years in government bringing her gender and diversity expertise to government policy and programs. She has worked on immigration, equality, multiculturalism and counterterrorism programs for the federal and Ontario governments, and worked internationally on refugee determination and resettlement and as an election observer. She was instrumental in developing the first immigration program for the province of Ontario, Canada’s successful membership bid for the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, the first public sector internship program for new Canadians, the first federal gender-based violence strategy, Canada’s approach to gender-based budgeting and the launch of the new Department for Women and Gender Equality. Julia has represented Canada at the OSCE, G7 and OECD, and holds a BBA and a JD from the University of New Brunswick and a Masters of Arts in Immigration and Settlement Studies. In 2018 she was named a BMW Foundation Global Responsible Leader and she sits on the board of an Ottawa-based non-profit dedicated to supporting and treating women with addictions. Currently, she is Executive Director of Elementary Literacy Inc. while still providing advice on gender and diversity as a volunteer and a consultant.

Alex Way, Managing Director at MASS LBP

Alex Way is Managing Director at MASS LBP — a democracy company committed to fostering stronger, more effective, more inclusive forms of public governance and public leadership. Since 2007, MASS has led some of Canada's most original and ambitious efforts to engage citizens in tackling tough policy choices. In addition to a wide range of collaborative policy-making projects, MASS has successfully convened 35 Citizens’ Assemblies and Reference Panels — long-form deliberative processes that help decision makers identify common ground, understand public sentiments, and build legitimacy for difficult policy choices. At MASS, Alex has led many high profile projects, including projects on Community Justice Centres for the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, a Health Strategy for Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, digital privacy rules for the BC government, responses to patient safety incidents in Ontario hospitals, transportation funding for Metrolinx, condominium law in Ontario, radioactive waste remediation and disposal for AECL, patient engagement frameworks for Health Quality Ontario, and City Planning policy for the City of Toronto. Alex is a graduate of the University of Toronto and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

Anna Wong, Product Owner, Canada School of Public Service

Anna Wong is passionate about social policy and using novel approaches and partnerships to tackling the wicked problems of the day. With experience in policy development, stakeholder engagement and communications in the federal public service, Anna takes a holistic approach to problem solving. She is currently the Product Owner of the specialized training in the areas of AI/ML, Data, Design and DevOps at the Digital Academy at the Canada School of Public Service, upskilling today's public servants to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.





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Institute of Public Administration of Canada

In attempting to develop meaningful policy, finding balance between special interests and political agendas can be difficult to navigate. Whether you have issues finding proper funding, aligning your policies with the right departments and organizations, or drafting strong and persuasive copy, you risk deterring potential partnerships, missing implementation deadlines, and failing your constituents with any wrong move. Without the expediency of a streamlined workflow, your policies are at continuous risk of falling into obsolescence and obscurity.

At Infonex’s "Strategic Policy Development for the Public Sector" conference, public sector professionals will shed light on the shifting landscape of policy development. From the implementation of policies ranging from the municipal to the federal levels, hear from policy development professionals on everything from the gender based analysis process, to networking protocols to find the strongest partnerships throughout the government, to the specifics of policies concerning the opioid crisis, national homelessness issues, climate change, and immigration. This in-depth educative event will focus on real cases offering you proven strategies that ensure your policies are properly developed, ensuring their implementation.

These seasoned policy advisors and developers will guide you through the tangled web of policy implementation from the ground up, showing you how to expedite the surveying and data collection process, how to write the best policy copy that will capture your audience’s attention, how to procure partnerships on multiple levels of government, and how to acquire funding throughout the public sphere. The focus maintains a push for shared experiences and strategies that have been proven to improve your chances at having your policies taken seriously by those that can make nation-wide change, thereby bettering your profile and impressing your constituents and partnerships.

Don’t wait! Sign up today and be a part of the policy development conversation so you too might effect change nation-wide.

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