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Cannabis Flowers Oils & Edibles

Need-to-Know Information for Municipal Regulators

November 27 - 28, 2018  ·  Vancouver, British Columbia
A Specialized Forum for Municipal Regulators
  • Learn, review and consolidate your understanding of the initial wave of legislation and regulations effective October 17, 2018
  • Receive comprehensive information so you can prepare for cannabis edibles which are legal in less that a year
  • Assess the impact cannabis flowers, oils and edible legalization is / will have on municipal departments and services including planning, zoning, licensing, retail, public health, police and drugged driving
  • Prepare to respond to public complaints
  • Understand why we need special regulations for cannabis edibles
  • Understand how edibles will impact the black market, children, vulnerable persons
  • Learn the critical dos and don’ts for marketing cannabis and cannabis edibles
  • Explore the regulatory options for edibles so you’re prepared for anything
  • Understand the physiological impact of edibles and the risks of overconsumption
  • Learn how cannabis is tested for purity and potency and how product consistency is achieved
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Who Should Attend This Event

From Municipalities, Provincial Governments and Health Authorities
  • Elected officials
  • City Managers
  • City Clerk General Managers
  • Planning and Development General Managers
  • Engineering General Manager, Finance, Technology
  • HR General Managers, Parks, Recreation and Culture Manager
  • Area Planning and Development
  • Land Development Engineers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Policy Analysts and Advisors
  • Directors and Managers of Intergovernmental Relations and Strategic Partnerships
  • Strategist, Intergovernmental and Corporate Strategy
  • Municipal Lawyers
  • Public Health Officials
  • Public Safety Officials
  • Provincial officials dealing with legalization issues
From Cannabis Producers and Distributors
  • Licensed Producers
  • Analytical Chemists
  • QC Chemists/ Technologists
  • QC Managers
  • QA Associates/Managers
  • Quality Managers and Associates
  • Method Development Analysts
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The date for the roll-out of legal cannabis has been set. For the most part you are ready for the retail model your province has selected. As the rubber meets the road, however, new questions will emerge: Does legalization place an unsustainable financial and operational burden on municipalities? What is the impact on public safety? Are regulations effective in stopping drugged driving? What are neighbours complaining about? The list goes on...

At the same time, legalization of edibles is less than a year away. With the industry moving away from smoking options to meet the demands of a huge market in edibles, it’s time for municipalities and other government officials to understand the unique risks related to edibles and for the cannabis industry to think about what regulations might look like.

The bottom line is that legalization of edibles is not too far away! And If you’re not prepared, informed, and aware of the impact edibles will have you’ll be playing catch-up. Licensed producers need to be ready to take advantage of enormous opportunities. Regulators, public health and police need to know all they can about the unique impact pf edibles and take all necessary precautions. You need to understand:

  • Why we need special regulations for cannabis edibles;
  • Lessons learned in other jurisdictions;
  • Differences in the way flowers and edibles are metabolized;
  • The impact edibles will have on the size of the cannabis market;
  • anticipated local impact
  • and more...

Infonex’s Cannabis Flowers, Oils, Edibles and Places of Consumption is the ideal forum for getting the information you need to succeed. A faculty of experienced government officials and industry specialists will share their insights and review and clarify the in’s and outs of the first wave of regulations. You will also be preparing for the challenge of the edibles which are less than a year away from legalization. You will leave understanding the differences in how we metabolize flowers and edibles; the resulting risks; how to determine potency and purity of the edibles so the consumer understands what he or she is buying. Learn what marketing is permissible and what is not, how to keep edibles away from children, and how to support the key messages that are part of public education.

This is a unique opportunity to hear from those most able to provide the important information, insights and strategies you need to meet the complex challenges ahead. Register today and the up-front investment of time will repay you as you move forward more decisively and knowledgeably than you otherwise would have.

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