Infonex provided a top notch conference. The high caliber of speaker and relevant material was excellent. Well worth attending. - Traffic Manager
Zenon Environmental Inc.

Supply Chain Analytics 2018

Developing an Analytics-Informed Supply Chain Plan

March 13 - 14, 2018  ·  Mississauga, Ontario
Build the Analytic Infrastructure You Need to Do It Better, Faster and Cheaper
  • Learn what you can expect as a return on your investment in analytics
  • Hear case studies and insights: the story behind the story including lessons learned
  • Understand the importance of making data available and intelligible to the right people
  • Develop an analytics-informed supply chain plan
  • Learn how to foster a culture that supports analytics
  • Get tips for maintaining the focus on business relevant issues
  • Pinpoint future demand by improving the supply and demand process
  • Learn how to reduce cost and improve services in warehouse and distribution operations
  • Explore savings and efficiencies through analytics-driven sourcing and procurement
  • Hear how leading organizaitons are finding competitive advantage in reverse logistics
  • Learn how to transform your supply chain into a demand sensitive network - and reap the rewards
All speakers were very knowledgeable and information shared is very relevant.
- VP of Business Development and Rail Logistics
Troyer Ventures
Infonex provided a top-notch conference. The high calibre of speakers and relevant material was excellent. Well worth attending.
- Traffic Manager
Zenon Environmental Inc.
Did a very good job of showing where we are, where we are going, and conveying that we must be ready. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!
- Traffic Manager
Utex Corporation
Infonex consistently offers quality conferences.
- Manager, Traffic and Customs
Praxair Canada Inc.
he conference went into more detail than other seminars I have attended. The level of speakers was excellent."
- Customs and Traffic
BlackBerry Ltd. (formerly Research In Motion)
Who Should Attend This Event

  • Supply Chain Analytics Specialists
  • Data Integrity Chief Supply Chain Officers
  • SVPs and VPs of Supply Chain/Logistics
  • Directors of Supply Chain/Logistics
  • VP's/Directors of Operations
  • Supply Chain Leaders

CEOs, CFOs, COOs, VPs, Directors and Managers involved in:

  • Business Analysis and Planning
  • Business Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Solutions
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Demand Planning and Analytics
  • Executive Directors
  • Forecasting
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Intelligence
  • New Product Business Analytics
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Pricing Analyst
  • Product Management
  • Product Intelligence
  • S&OP Demand/Planning
  • Sales Operations and Business Intelligence
  • Sales and Marketing Managers
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Strategy and Operations
  • Supply Chain
  • Sales and Marketing
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The potential for cost savings has placed the supply chain in the spotlight. In this time of heightened competition, commodity volatility, changing demand and supplier challenges, where even top performers have faced situations they were not prepared to meet, the supply chain holds the potential for competitive advantage.

It is, however, no longer enough to base decision making on past demand, supply and business cycles. You need to harness and deploy the vast quantities of information you have from multiple sources and transform this data into real-time, predictive insights that are a more perfect basis for decision-making. Many organizations have jumped on board, realizing the benefits of forward looking analytics. If you and your organization have not taken the plunge, you will be left behind.

That's why INFONEX has developed Supply Chain Analytics. This two day, jam-packed event is a straight line to understanding how analytics can get your supply chain functioning better, faster and cheaper. Experts who have travelled the road you are embarking upon will share the important lessons they have learned so that you can forge ahead more quickly than you would otherwise. With experts from Whirlpool and Grainger-Acklands and leading consultants from Grant Thornton, KPMG, LiDD and the Boston Consulting Company who have guided the most advanced companies out there to success in the world of supply chain analytics.

You will learn how to improve accuracy and efficiency in demand forecasting, sourcing and procurement, see new demand patterns, anticipate changes, vulnerabilities and opportunities, develop your supply chain plan with more certainty, realize big efficiencies in warehouse and distribution operations, facilitate knowledge sharing, transparency and information flow. The information you acquire will launch you on your way. The people you meet will become part of your resource network. Given the power of analytics to create competitive advantages, this is the sort of investment you cannot afford to ignore.

Building on 20 years of successful, informative events, this is a great opportunity for you to equip you with the latest strategies, and network with your peers and share your experiences. Register today!

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