Many good ideas were presented and could be discussed in my organization.  
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Transport Canada

HR Analytics

From Solid Foundations to Powerful Prediction

March 20 - 21, 2018  ·  Toronto, Ontario
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Organizations that have embraced HR Analytics are making important, strategic contributions, not just to HR, but to the overall business objectives of the organization. And these contributions are being recognized by the executive suite!

Organizations investing in HR analytics are the organizations that will gain the competitive edge and reap the rewards of data driven decision-making. These organizations have gone beyond merely reporting on HR activity to using data from multiple sources to plan for tomorrow's workforce today, avoid talent shortages tomorrow, increase employee engagement, productivity and performance, retain top performers, improve hiring decisions and more.

Don't be left behind. While the challenges, cost and time involved in starting on HR Analytics may be daunting, they pale in comparison to being left in the dust of major competitors. You have to take steps to establish your program. And if you already have a program, you need to move it forward - from data reporting to advanced analytics to predictive analytics.

Now's the time to face challenges that lie ahead with know-how. That's why Infonex has created a comprehensive, jam-packed conference designed to launch you on your way, whether you are working with a mature or embryonic analytics program.

As an attendee to this event you will:

  • Learn what metrics impress the C-Suite and empower decision makers
  • How to benefit from the top 5 metrics and decision-making formulas that link workforce strategy to business results
  • Ensure the credibility of your data
  • Choose appropriate benchmarks to set and refine your priorities
  • Understand the principles of data analysis
  • Use data to create stories and visuals that cannot be ignored
  • Learn how to use data analytics for strategic actionable insights on workforce planning, retention, turnover, hiring and more

This is your opportunity to join some of the foremost experts in the field, mix with colleagues and ask the questions that are uppermost in your mind. The benefits and rewards of immersing yourself in the issues, networking with HR analytics specialist and establishing yourself of a member of the HR analytics community are an investment that will repay you with interest. Return to your workplace inspired by new ideas, ready to go forward with practical new approaches and armed with the contacts you can call upon in the future. Register today!

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