From the structure to the content of the conference to the speakers, it was a very informative, interesting, and very beneficial conference. A very well-organized conference, and an excellent job done by the chairs. - Regional Emergency Manager
Ontario Provincial Government
Interactive, Case Study-Driven Event!

Canadian BCP & Emergency Management

Manage Emerging Threats to Your Organization and Get Actionable Strategies from Real-World Case Studies and Interactive Discussions

January 30 - 31, 2018  ·  Ottawa, Ontario
Featuring These Industry Experts:
Piorier Cappell Primeau
Garlandi Beauregard Mangialardi OCallaghan Shaikh
Work with Your Industry Colleagues to Solve Problems and Overcome the Latest Challenges in Emergency Management and Business Continuity
  • Build credibility: the BC wildfire response first-hand leadership story
  • Get translatable insights on risk preparation from hospital emergency leadership
  • Resiliency testing: practical insights for how it's done
  • Hear case studies from local and global events from 2017
  • Improve methods for engaging and mobilizing stakeholders
  • Risks and opportunities in Big Data for the emergency manager
  • Build a culture of cyber risk deterrence
  • Assess global supply chain risks to public and private sector organizations
  • Understand concepts of resilience, interdependencies and cascade failure
  • Coordinating rebuilding roles with silo busting strategies
  • Leverage police resources in your cyber prevention efforts
  • Hear how Gatineau-Ottawa sustained social media messaging during the flood crisis
  • Sustain behavior compliance for cyber risk prevention among employees
  • Assess the landscape for severe weather risks and innovative, regionalized action plans
  • Hear how the City of London improved their 2017 BCP/DR exercise
  • Integrate workplace violence into your BCP
  • Address scenarios for when to do what first: risk assessment or business impact assessment
A Snapshot of Previous Participants

These Experts Have Taken Part in Our BCP & Emergency Management Events:
Wong Castro O'Callaghan Mangialardi Riley
Ashwood MacLeod Ng Hay McLellan
Canadian BCP & Emergency Management Brochure Download Brochure as PDF File
I absolutely enjoyed this conference. From the structure to the content of the conference to the speakers, it was a very informative, interesting, and very beneficial conference. A very well-organized conference, and an excellent job done by the chairs.
- Regional Emergency Manager
Ontario Provincial Government
Eye opener with a lot of great information to back what the speakers were focusing on. Great real-life examples.
- Manager, Information Technology/Building and Maintenance
North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit
Great to attend a conference with such passionate attendees and presenters.
- Continuity of Operations Coordinator
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Overall an excellent conference - good variety of relevant speakers and topics. Current - very enjoyable - good networking opportunities!
- Director, Corporate Strategy, Project Management and Reporting
Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation
Benefit from experiences and others' lessons learned.
- DSO, Director Security and Administration,
Public Safety Canada
Presentations were well prepared and interesting.
- Manager, Business Continuity and Emergency Preparedness
Correctional Services Canada
There was some excellent information presented here with a lot of varied experience.
- Business Continuity Coordinator
Government of Alberta
I appreciate the quality of the speakers.
- Building Emergency Officer
Industry Canada
Very informative sessions/speakers.
- Manager, Emergency Measures
Government of Nunavut
Who Should Attend This Event

  • Business Continuity Planners
  • Emergency Crises Managers
  • Government Communications Planners
  • Emergency Management Professionals
  • Directors, Managers and Officer-in-Charge of Corporate Security
  • Safety Coordinators
  • Training Coordinators
  • Policy and Strategic Direction Personnel
  • Preparedness and Response Front-Line Professionals
  • Community Response Professionals
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Premier Continuum

The emergency management and business continuity fields are always evolving and adapting to the latest threats. These threats have become harder to prepare for and harder to predict. As someone who is responsible or emergency and business continuity planning, you have to prepare your organization to respond to emerging threats like cyber attacks, terrorist, and major weather events. As these threats have evolved, so has the need to collaborate with organizations and colleagues across the country.

INFONEX's two-day course, Canadian BCP & Emergency Management event has been redesigned to provide more opportunities for interactive discussion and collaboration. Our audience-led discussion will allow you to network with you colleagues and work together on overcoming challenges. Our faculty of leading experts will provide you with best practices and new case studies. They'll also take the time to answer all of your questions one-on-one.

Put plans in place to prepare for and respond to cyber attacks, active shooter incidents, and weather events. Evaluate the effectiveness of your exercises, drills, and lockdown procedures. Integrate business continuity and emergency management strategies. Learn critical lessons and best practices from first-hand case studies.

In order to meet the newest emergency management challenges, the industry needs to take a more collaborative approach. Our new interactive format will provide you with the opportunity to work through your challenges with your colleagues and learn from their case studies and experiences. Join us in Ottawa and ensure that you're ready to confront the emerging challenges that your organization will face. Register today!

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