This conference helped me to find practical ways to integrate risk management in day-to-day operation.  
- Chief of Active Risk Surveillance, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CANADA

Strategic Policy Development for the Public Sector

Insights and Tools to Overcome Current Public Sector Policy Challenges

May 29 - 30, 2018  ·  Ottawa, Ontario
Featuring These Industry Experts and More!
Gain Relevant Insights and Tools to Equip You to Overcome Current Public Sector Policy Challenges
  • Develop essential strategies for your policymaking practices
  • Examine data analytics role in policy development
  • Learn how to set up a policy framework
  • Develop a structure for effective policy writing
  • Innovative policies and policy instruments to promote development
  • Examine census data and its effect on policy
  • Learn to define clear objectives and outcomes
  • Accurately predict policies long term effects
  • Improve strategies for better consultation and stakeholder relationships
  • Guarantee desired impact and outcome of policy
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Delegates who have attended previous public sector training seminars praise the quality of INFONEX events
Overall, this conference was of high quality. Case studies were excellent!
- Senior Advisor, Policy, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
Fascinating and relevant, very knowledgeable.
- Manager, People Effectiveness, House of Commons
Lots of great information and dynamic speakers.
- Manager, Legislation Development, HRSDC
Excellent presentation overall. Very informative and useful information.
- Project Officer, Canada Revenue Agency
I got some great ideas to bring back and start applying. Very relevant to where my project is now.
- Project Manager, BC Ministry of the Attorney General
Who Should Attend This Event

  • Policy Advisors and Analysts
  • Policy Development Directors and Managers
  • Program Officers
  • Strategic Planning Advisors and Analysts
  • Policy Researchers and Academics
  • Partners in Other Sectors: Private, NGOs
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INFONEX's two-day Strategic Policy Development for the Public Sector course will guide you through the complex policy-writing procedure, planning and managing the process from research to recommendations and beyond. Our faculty of senior industry professionals and practitioners will provide you with a wealth of practical insights and experience in framing and addressing policy issues in the social, economic, environmental, health, justice, national security, Indigenous affairs and general governance domains as well as provide guidelines for issue identification, options development, consultation, recommendations, implementation and evaluation.

Learn how to set up a policy framework and produce effective results oriented policy by engaging citizens and stakeholders. Build successful interdepartmental teams and improve collaborative efforts as. Get strategies to avoid consultation fatigue, Identify programs and practices to improve policy relevant outcomes to make informed decision. Hear from experienced policy professionals as well as managers and directors of policy from the public and private sector.

More and more policy professionals are adopting new tools, strategies and embracing technology to address the most fundamental goals and objectives of public policy design. Don't be left behind! Join us in Ottawa to learn tried and tested approaches from leaders in your field and get solutions to you day-to-day challenges. Register today!

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