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Strategic Planning for Cyber Risk Management

June 6 - 7, 2017  ·  Ottawa, Ontario
Sponsored by:     Darktrace

Featuring These Industry Experts and Many More!
Scheurkogel Malhotra Boisvert Johnson Castonguay
Albright Sagarwala Fontaine Wagner Hassan
Masson Ponnambalam Marsh Shipley
Ensure your cyber risk management policies and practices are effective in light of changing environments and risks
  • Get a broad overview of cyber risk management principles, case studies and examples of best practices
  • Learn methods on how to manage your cyber and IT risk through integrated strategic planning
  • Develop high-level, cyber-risk management and mitigation strategies to protect your business from emerging and potential threats
  • Get expert advice on how to conduct risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities, develop protocols and policies to protect infrastructure
  • Explore new and innovative methods to improve staff training to minimize human-error vulnerabilities
  • Examine different types of threats and associated countermeasures that could impact your business
  • Hear from experts on the potential legal and financial risks to your business and how to proactively prepare for them
  • Learn how to audit your cybersecurity strategy and develop a protocol for measuring its effectiveness
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Who Should Attend This Event

  • Risk Officers
  • VPs and Directors of Risk Enterprise Risk
  • Operational Risk, Information Security
  • Enterprise Risk Management, Information Technology
  • Information Systems
  • Business Continuity, Outsourcing,
  • New Initiatives and Change Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Presidents, VPs, Chief Executive Officers and Chief Operations Officers
  • Corporate Directors and Corporate Security Officers
  • IT Security Coordinators
  • Cyber Security Managers, Directors, Analysts
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Public sector organizations are considered to have the highest probability of having a data breach. Cybercrime is estimated to cost $3.2 billion to the Canadian economy and $445-billion worldwide. It is no longer an issue unique to the IT realm but must be considered as part of organization-wide risk management functions and scrutinized under enterprise threat risk assessments and gap analyses. Safeguarding your digital data and IT systems requires dedicated planning and resources.

INFONEX's two-day course, Strategic Planning for Cyber Risk Management, will help you develop your cyber risk management and risk mitigation strategies. You will learn how to conduct risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities, develop protocols and policies to protect infrastructure and improve staff training to minimize human-error security weaknesses, and determine the proper course for your continuous improvement plan.

Data breaches and security incidents are on the rise and public sector organizations need to have robust frameworks in place to control, administer and protect their cyber-security and information-sharing environments without compromising service delivery or adaptability. Join us in Ottawa to take advantage of expert insight and case studies that examine innovative solutions for cyber risk management and roadmaps for successful cyber security planning and risk mitigation. Register today!

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